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Nelsen Grover - Awake (Binman Remix)

It's Sunday morning and you wish you didn't say it, but you've got a love/hate relationship with Electro. Yeah last night was all about drinking brews and bopping to bangers; but it's noon, you're hung like a horse, the last thing you want to hear is, "1, 2 whoop whoop". So put this in.

Passed on to me by a fellow milkman, this track has me picturing all of the  it could to a club. Throw it on the 12 inch get people to bounce to your opening set. Hit it after the climax and give people a breather from all the damage you just did. I was trying to dig up some info on this London cat, but he's kind of a ghost. So if you're reading this, step it up! More people need to hear your music.

      Awake (Binman Remix)
Download: Nelsen Grover - Awake (Binman Remix)

If you're into progressive house check out Nelsen Grover's Awake EP below. Binman is either slacking on the social networking or is as fresh as it gets, so follow anyways because at the moment his catalog is looking great even though I can count his releases with one finger.

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