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Laurel Halo – "Aquifer"

I saw a post over on Pitchfork that described Laurel Halo as an enchantress. Now, i thought long and hard of another way to describe her so I wouldn't have to give credit to where I first heard the description. But, that's pretty much the best way to describe her and her sound. She's an enchantress pure and simple. When listening to her music, you feel as though you are in the movie Hocus Pocus and Sarah Jessica Parker is using her musical ability to completely take over your mind and senses. Laurel Halo has just released the track "Aquifer" which is very tough to describe. It's probably one of the most interesting tracks I've heard in a while. It will be featured on her upcoming EP entitled Hour Logic. I've also included "Zoo Hypothesis" which is very ambient. Enjoy.

Download: Laurel Halo – Aquifer

      Laurel Halo - Zoo Hypothesis
Download: Laurel Halo – Zoo Hypothesis



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