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Tayyib Ali - Keystone State Of Mind

Tayyib AliTayyib Ali - Not to be confused with Talib Kweli - just dropped his new mix tape titled Keystone State Of Mind. Who is Tayyib Ali one might ask? Well, it goes like this:

In 2010 a kid not very well known outside of Philadelphia, PA dropped the single 'Kid Again.'

Give a gift to your eardrums courtesy of the past and listen to his first hit 'Kid Again' while reading:

      03 Kid Again (Prod. by I.L.O. Productions)
Download: Tayyib Ali - Kid Again (Prod. by I.L.O. Productions)

Before he knew it, he was opening for the likes of  Shwayze, Sam Adams and Super Smash Bros. After a number of singles and the release of his first EP Eighteen he was performing in front of sellout crowds alongside artists like Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang, Mac Miller and Cyhi The Prince- becoming a hit amongst the people of the New England area. His fame has now spread to the Golden Coast (as he talks about so poetically in the song 'California Love') and over the past few months he's released a few videos and a single with Amandi. Today he dropped his much anticipated mix tape Keystone State Of Mind. The kid is blowing up right now, and being that his sophomore mix tape just dropped a few hours ago- it's not too late to jump on the Tayyib Ali train and not feel like a Bandwagon Rider.

Here are some fat little videos from the main man to feast your eyes upon. When you're done watching be sure to wipe the milk off your mustache. And un-pop your collar. And delete Rebecca Black from your iTunes library and replace one completely untalented teenager with another swaggeriffic and completely talented teenager by downloading the Keystone State Of Mind mix tape.


Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind



Tayyib Ali - California Love



Tayyib Ali - Supermodel Ft. Amandi



Downloading the full mixtape seem like too much of a hassle? Don't be a lazy cat. It takes three clicks at the most, the mix tape is extremely well done and anyone who's anybody should definitely download it. If you're just looking for some good tracks to get, here are some ranchers in the bag that seem a bit more jolly than the rest. Terrible Jolly Ranchers joke, I know...


      Keystone State of Mind
Download: Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind

Download: Tayyib Ali - Supermodel

      California Love
Download: Tayyib Ali - California Love



Keystone State of Mind

Keystone State Of Mind is one of the freshest mix tapes to be released this year and Tayyib Ali is a young artist with a world of talent. Watch out for Tayyib Ali in the future. Follow him on his Twitter @Tayyibali.

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