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Mightyfools - World Tour (TJR Remix)

I was keeping this one to myself for a bit, but when I saw that no one was covering this track I thought I should turn some heads onto this beat. You may have heard the original from the Mightyfools World Tour EP which dropped April 4th, but the true gem in that release was the TJR remix.

There's nothing like a TJR drop. I wouldn't even call it a drop, it's more like a build or a bridge. You ache for that release at the peak, but when it hits he cranks even more tension on. More fuel to the fire. It drives you insane, it hurts. Squeezing and squeezing until you wonder if it's ever going to stop. Then the trance stabs hit, the tech house percussion kicks in, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

      World Tour (TJR Remix)
Download: Mightyfools - World_Tour_-_TJR_Remix

If you haven't heard the original have a listen below, and make sure to follow TJR who's one of few pioneers of the emerging techno sound in America at the moment.

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