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Sharkslayer - Bad Ding

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Beware of the Sharkslayer! These boys from Finland do a fine job fluttering their worldly influences taking in their Dutch neighbours along with some UK fidget and Jamaican dancehall imports. You can spot them piercing out of the shallow end in releases with Trouble & Bass, Dubsided, Southern Fried, Kitsune, Cheap Thrills, Lektroluv and Stretch Armstrong's Plant Music, as well as regular releases on their home label Top Billin Music. All this in only a little over a year, so there's no wonder why they've caused a bigger reaction than a great white mossin' by the kiddy pool.

      Bad Ding
Download: Sharkslayer - Bad Ding

      Touch It
Download: Sharkslayer - Touch It

      Who Is He
Download: Sharkslayer - Who Is He

Still hungry for more? Well there's 14 tracks to chew on in their most recent release, so help yourself...

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