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Audible Mainframe - Not Like 'Anybody Else'

      08 - Anybody Else
Download: Audible Mainframe - Anybody Else

The fusion Hip Hop band Audible Mainframe landed on the shores of Long Beach by ways of Boston, Mass. Whether they came by U-Haul or spacecraft is debatable. I would like to think it was the latter because it would very much explain the out of this world sound they bring to the studio and into your speaker boxes. Front man Expo shares his view on life, love, politics, the ups, the downs and the in-betweens while the rest of the Mainframe provide an amazing, colorful and varied pallet of sounds to wet your ear drums. Don't believe me? Peep their song 'Ice Cold' below and watch how many genres of music they can touch with just one song. Wait for the switch at 3 minutes in.

      06 - Ice Cold
Download: Audible Mainframe - Ice Cold

And for you super duper, elite thorough Hip Hop heads that love to shake your heads at everything made after 1995, Audible Mainframe even gives a big ups to y'all with their remake album of Smif N' Wessun's classic album Dah Shinin.


If you're digging the tunes of Audible Mainframe please visit them at their official website, support your local indie band and cop yourself and album or two. You won't be disappointed. If you think their recorded music is dope, you should check how they get buck at their live shows.

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  • Really liking heir sound. Cheers for the introduction.

    Avatar Miz April 2, 2011 5:26 AM Reply
  • Anybody who is anybody needs to support these guyz as well as Rich Hil and Nero

    Avatar shortcut April 2, 2011 9:03 AM Reply
  • Hi there!

    Rock'n'Roll forever!

    Check out my new music video here:


    Avatar Unry April 2, 2011 1:59 PM Reply
  • been a fan for some time now. best live hip-hop ive ever seen. sick MC and band.

    Avatar tommy April 4, 2011 3:42 AM Reply
  • they really know how to put on an awesome show and these guys are so down to earth. love the music and all the guys.

    Avatar jessica May 3, 2011 2:03 PM Reply

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