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Dela & Blu - Lucy's&LooseLeafs

Dela has a knack for making minimal beats that put you in a jazzy hip-hop type of trance. His idols, such as ATCQ, are responsible for his overall vibe but ultimately he's able to create his own sound. You start to recognize when you are listening to a Dela beat without being told who it is. Now, we got a new leaked track called "Lucy's&LooseLeafs", which features Blu, from his upcoming album entitled Translation Lost. This makes his second official album and it dropped today.

Download: Dela & Blu - Lucy's&LooseLeafs

It's tricky coming up with a sophomore album. One could say it's about taking the essence of your past work and bringing it to another level, without doing the same thing twice. With that in mind, Paris/Montreal based producer Dela teams up with Drink Water Music to deliver Translation Lost, the follow up to 2009's Changes Of Atmosphere.

Purchase: Dela - Translation Lost



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