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Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy Reconfigured [Various Artist Remix Album]

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy

Daft Punk is set to release their new remix album entitled Tron Legacy: Reconfigured and we have a preview track from the album. This track is called "Rinzler" and it has been giving a proper remix treatment from Kaskade. The Tron movie didn't do as well as hoped in the box office so Disney knew they could do a little something that would be more well received. So they got the original Daft Punk tron soundtrack and enlisted a bunch of A-List producers to do a rework on the album. They've got Moby, The Crystal Method, Kaskade, etc. And it looks like we jumped the gun on this post initially because this "Unknown" mix is good but not actually on the new remix CD so I've included the real Kaskade remix and another sample track from the album. The remix album drops on April 5th but check out the preview track below.

      Daft Punk - Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)
Download: Daft Punk – Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)

      Daft Punk - The Son of Flynn (Ki Theory Remix)
Stream Only: Daft Punk – The Son Of Flynn (Ki:Theory Remix)

Originally the track below was posted as: Daft Punk – Rinzler (Kaskade Remix) but the real Kaskade remix is above. The actual song, we originally posted, was by The Third Twin and is called "Until The End". But then there's the theory that The Third Twin is actually Daft Punk or their cousins, so you could see the confusion. But here you go.

      The Third Twin - Until The End
Download: The Third Twin – Until The End

Purchase: Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy Reconfigured [Various Artist Remixes]



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