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Tek-One Savagely Remixes Bring Me The Horizon

So I recently came into possession of Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season album. And no I am not 12. What took my notice was the second disc housed within which is 14 tracks cut up and remixed by everyone from Tek-One, Toxic Avenger, one of Lostprophets, and Skrillex.

I could not resist throwing some of them up. Bit of a gamble admittedly however some of the tracks are freaking killer and could be played out at some hardcore dark, fetish, bass rave where your surrounded by leather clad folk doing nasty things with whips and tennis rackets. This is not friendly music, it's like a bastard offspring of electro, dubstep and metal.

If you like high octane bass wait for this one too drop

This is just savage

For this we can thank Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex). This sounds like something out of Blade, or the Matrix

Dubstep · Metal


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