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High Powered Boys - Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub)

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Put a smile on your face today! The Parisian ghetto house duo High Powered Boys are back from what seemed like a long hiatus. When I throw that word out most people think inflatted egos and broken friendships, but these two (Surkin & Bobmo) set out to build solid solo careers. Ok maybe it's been only a year since their last EP Highway which was released on Institubes (she passed away last night may she rest in peace) but I'm on a drug, it's called chicago house and when these boys fade from the picture I feel the emptiness inside. There's no other label but Sound Pellegrino that could patch things up, so I'm going to give it to them to explain how Udon will sound to you. I hope Teki Latex wrote this because that's the only voice I can imagine when I read this amazing description.

"UDON" is easy to describe: it starts with a subterranean softcore erotica saxophone with added warping and sparkling noises and builds into a crazy choppy drum machine pattern with heart-pounding bass kicks supported by stuttering vocals from hell. However, comparing it to pre-existing musical stylings is trickier. "Screwed-up garage-juke meets karaoke bar jazz in the intro for a Neo Geo fighting game" is the best we came up with. However, as "new" and "weird" as this description may read, "UDON" seems to systematically be the biggest track in each of our recent sets. The drop is pretty much irresistible. WINNING! There, I said it.

      01 Udon
Enjoy: High Powered Boys
      - Udon

I'll throw in this soothing remix by Julio Bashmore. Lots of liquid in this track. A perfect tune to put on after a hard days work so you can just kick back and melt into 909s and the swishing phaser of an ocean reef.

      02 Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub)
Download: High Powered Boys - Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub)


01. High Powered Boys - Udon (Original Mix)
02. High Powered Boys - Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub)
03. High Powered Boys - Work (Original Mix)
04. High Powered Boys - Work (Tom Trago remix)

You definitely want to pick up that original mix and don't forget to have a look at the B tracks and other Sound Pellegrino releases. You won't believe your ears love all the wonky shit they put out.

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