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NEW! Felix Cartal - Joker EP

If you're Canadian you should be wise to him. If your a dj you should love him. If you've danced before the alter of electro you should worship him.

Felix Cartal, the innovator from Vancouver has always been a favourite of mine. Maybe because he hit my crates about the same time as the rest of the electro wave did. Maybe it's because he's always had a non-descript nuance to his tracks which I originally attributed to his new-comer status, but he's continued to churn out tracks that not only move the feet but engage the inner dj in all of us.

He continues this trend with "The Joker EP" which is available TODAY (released by the always "on" DIM MAK Records) - you may not have caught the teasers he let go a couple of weeks ago so here they are (plus some bonus')

Felix Cartal - The  Joker (preview) by Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal - The Riddler (preview) by Felix Cartal



      Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)
Download: Felix Cartal - Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)

      Love (at dawn we rage Remix)
Download: Felix Cartal - Love (at dawn we rage Remix)

      Piano Lessons (Felix Cartal Remix)
Download: Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons (Felix Cartal Remix)



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