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Blatta & Inesha – Daddy's Home feat. Doc Trashz

Excuse me for scaring the kids away, this new Blatta & Inesha release was just too hard to keep under wraps. Acid through a distortion pedal, I feel like this should be on BNR. But don't fret, this release is repping Italia with a huge remix by 2 Guys in Venice. This remix blew me away, no it really did. It's got this Sahara vibe with desert sand storms gusting on top of a barreling beat. I caught Kissy spinning this on Radio 1 so definitely keep your eye on these two guys… in Venice.

      03 Daddys Home feat. Doc Trashz
Stream Only: Blatta and Inesha – Daddy's Home feat. Doc Trashz

      Daddys Home (2 Guys In Venice Remix)
Stream Only: Blatta & Inesha Feat. Doc Trashz – Daddy's Home (2 Guys In Venice Remix)

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