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Fenech-Soler - White Versions EP (Analog Sessions)

I've been on Fenech-Soler kick as of late - they just always get my foot tapping, Ben Duffy's voice just always hits a spot and when things are going right on a jobsite, the headphones are deep and he starts belting I need to catch myself from not dueting - so an update from the 2x2 UK synthpop powerhouse seems quite timely (at least from this side of your screen)

These "White Versions" (because Day Versions, just didn't have the same ring to it) came out as a free EP which required your email & consent to receive pr blasts - I figured I'd collect them here for you, but if you want more tracks and news from the Kings Cliffe Quartet - sign up at fenechsoler.co.uk

So checkout some of the most popular singles, but a little more analog, a little more unplugged and a little more foyer appropriate (some day the Earmilk office's will have a foyer)

I keep running and I don't know why - I see my demons and I just can't hide - not all that imaginative but it's more then perfect for their pop sensible context - I love 'em like woa.

      Demons (White Version)
Download: Fenech-Soler - Demons (White Version)

      Stop Stare (White Version)
Download: Fenech-Soler - Stop & Stare (White Version)

      Contender (White Version)
Download: Fenech-Soler - Contender (White Version)

      Battlefields (White Version)
Download: Fenech-Soler - Battlefields (White Version)

Synth Pop


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