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Future Fresh

Welcome to Future Fresh, where the expiration date on these tunes never expire. This will be a tall glass of freshness into the futuristic sounds of Future Garage, UK Funky, Wonky, Garage, 2Step, experimental dubstep, bass music and soul dub. Basically its time to relax, hop in your Delorean and take a roller coaster ride to the future.  The names of the genres are not whats important, what is important is how these songs were put together. You will hear a range of bmp's, not everything is in 130-140 bpm range, many of the tunes will have hip hop elements and are around a 105 bpm. Another thing you will notice is that the music features very off kilter loop within the 4/4 time signature, and many songs will feature a gliding-synth that just wont sit still, pitching up and down blasting you off into the future.

Today's first freshness track comes from one of the hottest new labels to pop up last year, Night Slugs who started off as a few fellow DJ's and producers from the same area of London. They started with their own fresh sound grown from house, dubstep, garage, and 2step and evolved their sound together by mixing each others tracks into their sets and formed a cohesive sound, and that sound is what I am bringing you today. Also included today is a track from one of their few international members Egyptrixx from Canada, who's track Battle for America has a housey 2step vibe going. Next up we have another Label that has been making waves on the scene, L2S Records who have also had a great 2010, are starting of 2011 right too, with their release of Beatloafe's  Citizens' Rights a very calypso sounding midi line in the middle. Also served fresh from the future, is a relative newcomer Khan from  Punch Drunk Records bringing a chilled out track Like We Used To which has some great house sounding vocals and a dubstep beat with a layer of some futuristic synth sounds. Last but not least is a track by Grifta called Responsible which down tempo minimal track with a familiar sample you may know as the late Aaliyah's Are you that somebody.  You will notice most of these songs have forgone the wobble associated with dubstep and instead have gone with the gliding synth I've mention earlier as well as a pitch modulation up or down, the feeling you get is the same, you feel like you are meandering through space, gliding up and down through the stars and into the future.

On with the freshness:

      Mosca - Square one (Bok Bok remix)
Download: Mosca - Square one (Bok-Bok Remix)

      Egyptrixx - Battle For North America
Download: Egyptrixx - Battle For North America

      Beatloafe - Citizens Rights
Download: Beatloafe - Citizens' Rights

Download: Khan - Like We Used To

      Grifta - Responsible
Download: Grifta - Responsible

As a bonus, im throwing in the first track which really made me take notice of where the experimental side of dubstep could lead, of course its none other than James Blake's  CMYK which uses some sample from  Kelis' old hit Caught Out There.

      James Blake - CMYK
Download: James Blake - CMYK

Bonus: This was a track I featured in my last post but they have since released a video for the song, Enjoy!

Jessie Ware & Sampha - Valentine

Ambient · Chillout · Downtempo · Experimental · Garage


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10 years ago

This shit is cool! This site too. PLZ feed me moar. Its hard to find gems like this in the uncountable subgenres of electronic music.

10 years ago

yesss more like this!