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Toony TuneS? The Bully? PROduce? The man with three names is back with a new track. Now, I should mention that I first became aware of Toony under the name PROduce when he dropped that No Nutritional Value (Vol. 1, The Greece Trap) instrumental LP. And even then he blew me away with the original concept that reminded me of early MF DOOM instrumental albums. But it was more than just the concept because it also featured some dope beats all the way through. Then I heard he could spit on the mic and had to post all his Toony TuneS tracks which also featured his alter ego "The Bully". Now he's back with this new track called "Zodiaction" which was co-produced by him and Michael Uzowuru. This is the first release from his upcoming EP entitled TheManWithThreeNameS that drops next month. It will be a Double EP  by Toony TuneS and The Bully with production from PROduce. I'll let you judge it for yourself but it's obvious he's got the rhyming gift and it's always accompanied by dope  production. Check it out below.

Download: Toony TuneS - Zodiaction (Co-Produced by: PROduce & Michael Uzowuru)

Previous Releases:

      Toony - Random SingleS - 03 The Bully
Download: Toony - The Bully

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