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Gramophonedzie - "Out of my Head"

COMING SOON. Readers have constantly asked us what happened to our house music feature and ultimately we don't have the best answer. Really it's because one of our guys who was doing our house posts left the country but all of us are house fans so we could of picked up the slack. But right now we are in the process of releasing version 2.0 of the site. And with that comes the resurrection of house posts! Hopefully this track from Gramophonedzie will temporarily put you at ease until we work out all the kinks. Check out his track that has been re-released called "Out of my Head". It's a stomper.

Download: Gramophonedzie - Out Of My Head

Bonus House:

Download: Ed Maddams - Die Habits

Download: Pablo Bolivar - Night Transfer (Patrick Zigon Remix)



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