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Suicide Sundaes - Week 58

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Suicide Sundaes - stop your grinnin' and drop your linen. Every Sunday electblake of Earmilk will bring you the weeks dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming. To hell with sketchy Sunday, we want to shove another dragon down the hole.

For those of you who have been following SS for a long time, you'll recognize a pseudo familiar format to this week's SS. I brought it back to help you get to the tracks you want quicker and, more importantly bring back a little more variety in this feature who's goal has always been to bring tracks I love into the stereos and digital dj crates.


there are two "tribute" tracks - go find 'em and please excuse my affliction for nostalgia.


This week's lighter side features the talented 2ToneDisco who's mashup/remix of Twelves & Two Door is nothing less then disco bliss. That's not to say the solid groove of Oliver's remix of Black Card can't set the tone, or that the JBAG + Kill The Hero new wave remix won't suck you into the umpteenth inappropriately numbered Brett Easton Ellis chapter.

      Dominoes (Oliver Remix)
Download: Black Card - Dominoes (Oliver Remix)

      X Ray Sex (Kill The Hero new Wave Remix)
Download: JBAG ft. Louise Prey - X Ray Sex (Kill The Hero 'new wave' Remix)

      Rolling in the Deep (Keljet Remix)
Download: Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Keljet Remix)

      Our Sound (The Chaotic Good Remix)
Download: Alex Kidd (USA) - Our Sound (The Chaotic Good Remix)

      Two Door Cinema Re-Edit (2TONED) (2ToneDisco Remix)
Download: Twelves - Two Door Cinema Re-Edit (2TONED) (2ToneDisco Remix)

      Yeah (2ToneDisco Remix)
Download: Boys Noize - Yeah (2ToneDisco Remix)

      Wahnsinn (Extended Mix)
      Finger & Kadel - Wahnsinn (Extended Mix)

      Born Slippy (Refracture Remix)
Download: Underworld - Born Slippy (Refracture Remix)


Fight. Fight. Thrash. Not much to say other then some of these arn't suitable for the feint of heart and yes, thats T-Pain and Benny Benassi. TokamaK is back with a vengeance in this week as well, with a couple tracks and some great high end thrash.

I had fun putting in some genres for these tracks - it's always a pleasure when you can place "Doom", "Trash", "Thrash" and Death & Doom onto a track and it feels right - lol.

      Kill Everybody (Crystalised Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Crystalised Remix)

      Chainsaw (Aerotronic remix)
Download: AUTODIDAKT - Chainsaw (Aerotronic remix)

      Electroman feat. T-Pain (John Dahlback Remix)
Download: T-Pain & Benny Benassi - Electroman feat. T-Pain (John Dahlback Remix)

      Your Ol Lady (Andys iLL Remix)
Download: Nightmare - Your Ol' Lady (Andy's iLL Remix)

      Corruption (TokamaK remix)
Download: Trashing Teenagers - Corruption (TokamaK remix)

      DeadHouse (TokamaK remix)
Download: Dead Cat Bounce - DeadHouse (TokamaK remix)

      Discoke (TokamaK remix)
Download: Fckn Crew - Discoke (TokamaK remix)

      KillerKing (Haezer Remix)
Download: Wasa3i - KillerKing (Haezer Remix)

      Phrantic (Vakkuum Remix)
Download: Pandamic - Phrantic (Vakkuum Remix)

Download: The Mastertrons - Scorponok

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