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James Pants – "Alone"

James Pants definitely has 80's influence in his music but you couldn't just classify it as new 80's either. Overall, his style is all over the map and he borrows sounds from all types of genres. He is set to release his self titled album on Stones Throw records in mid April but has already released a few tracks. The newest track released is called "Alone" which is a heavily distorted 80's electro orgasm. And it looks like this is a good example of how the album will be, which is all over the map in regards to styles if you compare it to the other track, "Darlin'",  below. Check out the track(s) below, watch for the album drop and prepare for the Stones Throw take over of all that is music.

Download: James Pants – Alone


Download: James Pants – Darlin'

80's · Experimental


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  • STONESTHROW RECORDS for PRESIDENT ….all the new classics

    Avatar CRIM3WAVE January 29, 2011 2:10 PM Reply

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