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CFCF - Slorida mix [Hot Summer Nights]

CFCF (aka Michael Silver) has released his "Slorida" mix that contains very chilled out and dreamy tracks that clocks in at about 44 minutes. He says it was intended for "hot summer nights" which would describe the mix perfectly. It starts off feeling like you are in a 80's summer movie and just continues the ride from there. The mix also contains a new track from CFCF called "Ice". Now, most of you are probably in cold climates right now. So, for you, I suggest cranking up the heat to like the high 80's to low 90's (Fahrenheit) and get a very mild sweat going and put a pink towel over your shoulder. And if you are in a hot climate I suggest you burn the mix to a CD and play it in your boombox while you lay in the back of a pick up truck..at night. Just some suggestions. Then you are ready for the mix. Check out the whole mix below.

Dreamwave · Electronica


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