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Hoodie Allen - "Dreams Up" [NEW SINGLE]

What a way to bring in the new year. Hoodie Allen has released his up-beat "Dreams Up" track from his upcoming Leap Year mixtape. It's all about having big dreams and that's what we need for 2011. The last mixtape from Hoodie was Pep Rally and EARMILK was one of the first to comment on how dope of an artist he is. But now with "Dreams Up" it seems he has honed in his craft a little more and actually taken it up a notch. He's the type of artist that can bridge together all type of hip-hop fans with his catchy-ness and wordplay. Obviously his dream is to be a dope MC and it looks like all his dreams are coming true. Check out the track below.

      01 Dreams Up
Download: Hoodie Allen - Dreams Up

P.S. Gotta love the Ten I See/Titan/Vince Young part of the rap. GOT TO

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