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Suicide Sundaes - Week 54

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Let's cut right to the chase shall we?

This weeks starts off with a powerful original from Comic Strips (the rising Pittsburgh native) entitled "Buck Naked in the Club" which features Sneaky Mike & FemiThe Mass Brothers step in for a remix, and give this dope as hell source material their usual touch.

The Mass Brothers keep the mix alive with their "Swagger" remix for the Dem Slackers contest but that'll have to wait for Dave Scorp remix (which was recently named the winner of the open remix contest) of BetaTraxx's "Drug Abuve".

TEMABES, Cold Blank, Far Too Loud, and of course you've all heard the Duck Sauce remix of Chromeo's "Hot Mess" right? - of coure you have. But have you heard the bassline scene champion of 2007 T2? heh, listen to that bassline and then to Crookers and then come talk to me.

Oh - and enjoy another little slice of Cyberpunkers & South Central.

      Buck Naked In the Club (Original Mix)
Download: Comic Strips - Buck Naked In the Club (Original Mix)

      Cabala (South Central Remix)
Download: Cyberpunkers - Cabala (South Central Remix)

      Buck Naked In the Club ft. Sneaky Mike Femi (The Mass Brothers Remix)
Download: Comic Strips - Buck Naked In the Club ft. Sneaky Mike & Femi (The Mass Brothers Remix)

      Pink Redemption
Download: Moving Units - Pink Redemption

      Polaroids and Red Wine (Dave Scorp Remix)
Download: Jaguar Love - Polaroids and Red Wine (Dave Scorp Remix)

      Heartbroken (Radio Edit)
Download: T2 Feat Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (Radio Edit)

      Start The Party (Original Mix)
Download: Far Too Loud - Start The Party(Original Mix)

      Jetgum (Monsters Of Graveyards Lazy remix)
Download: Wasted Basterds - Jetgum (Monsters Of Graveyard's Lazy remix)

      Rapid Fire (Dave Scorp Remix)
Download: Dj Antention - Rapid Fire (Dave Scorp Remix)

      The Thirteenth Skull (Orginal Mix)
Download: Cold Blank - The Thirteenth Skull (Orginal Mix)

      Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix)
Download: BetaTraxx - Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix)

      Omen (TEMABES Remix)
Download: The Prodigy - Omen (TEMABES Remix)

      Swagger (The Mass Brothers Remix)
Download: Dem Slackers - Swagger (The Mass Brothers Remix)

      In The House (Audiobots In The House Remix)
Download: Tonic - In The House (Audiobot's In The House Remix)

      Demons (We Are Crisis Children remix)
Download: South Central - Demons (We Are Crisis Children remix)

      Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)
Download: Chromeo - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)

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