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Mashup Monday - Week 17

Mashup MondayMashup Monday - We're going to melt you faces off with enough mashed up music to make you wanna slap yo' mama.  itstk will be bringing you the dopest dope in the mashup world. We've been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. We've found mashups from DJ's far and wide. We've found down-tempo ones. We've found super fast and beaty ones. Short ones and long ones. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. We think we've done our part. Let's get s-mashed.

Now if your mashup is lucky enough to be featured on Earmilk, and we don't list your name (sometimes we can't find it!) then shoot us an email or comment below and we can add it. Also, keep in mind we want all of you to send us everything you got. We're gonna be doing this here thang weekly, so send em' on. Just make sure to give us your info so you get your well deserved credit.

I'm bacccckkkkk! Thats right my little miscreant mischief making mooks.. the kid has returned and looks like I'll be sticking around for awhile this time. I felt your pain the last couple of weeks as you were put out to pasture by the mediocre mashup mondays being provided. Unfortunately all I could do was just be another face in the crowd watching my baby(#MM) take a gnarly turn for the worse.. obviously I couldn't let this take course. So allow me to apologize and know I'll never leave you again, xoxo Gossip Girl tk.

Soo other than that.. it is indeed true that I'm back but unfortunately I won't have much time to post cause I'll be too busy designing out the brand new earmilk ver. TWOPOINTOH for you snitches. We will actually be throwing up a post here in the next week to get feedback from everyone to see what you're excited to see change, stay the same or even ideas you guys have that we could incorporate into the new site.. we do this shit for you guys/girls so we're open ears to making EM has flawless for all of you as possible.

Oh, I'm sorry you guys wanted mashes? Without skipping a beat we have the new new from the backbones of the mashup scene, The Hood Internet and The White Panda. Tried to throw in some new faces including Mashville and Voodoo Farm. Along with not so new face, the mighty Mashmatician, graces us as well this week. Another new face is Alex Keomany who deserves his immediate props for mashing Bonobo. Also snuck in some cheesy joyous holiday mashes that I'm sure in no way will meet your expectations. Our soundcloud is so overflooded with tracks and mashups that if you've submitted something in my absence and haven't seen it featured, and doesn't suck.. feel free to throw it my way again. There's 2 ways to go about it; either drop it in our soundcloud or @me on twitter.. all other methods will be ignored, so clean up your act. MERRY XMAS MOOKS & enjoy:

Download: Matt & Kim vs Slim Thug - Cameras vs Like A Boss

Download: Fool's Gold vs. N.A.S.A - Surprise Gift (team9 mashup) feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li

Download: The Hood Internet - Real You (Lil B vs Gold Panda)

      JAY-Z vs FOCUS - PRAY (HOCUS POCUS) Trafiks Brave Bootleg
Download: Jay-Z vs Focus - Pray (Hocus Pocus)

Download: Alex Keomany - Juicy Ketto (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Bonobo)

Download: The Hood Internet - Girls Just Wanna Fix Up (Dizzee Rascal vs Cyndi Lauper)

      Outkast vs. Smashing Pumpkins - Drown Over Baghdad (DJ Wick It)
Download: Wick-It the Instigator - Drown Over Baghdad (Outkast vs Smashing Pumpkins)

      I Crave Paris
Download: Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris

Download: Black Keys vs. Big Boi - Black Bug (Mashville Remix)

Download: Skrillex vs. Far East Movement - Scary Like a G6 (Baby Armie Blend)

      Good For Girls
Download: The White Panda - Good For Girls (Matt & Kim vs Wale)

Download: The Bootleague - Born to kill (Rage Against The Machine VS Beastie Boys VS Sheraff)

Download: The Hood Internet - Just Wanna Dance Yrself Clean (Jay-Z vs LCD Soundsystem)

      Golden Train vs. Workin Day And Night
Download: Penguin Prison vs Michael Jackson - Golden Train vs. Workin' Day And Night

      Gerruzz Vs. Redman - dos443
Download: Gerruzz Vs. Redman - Dos443

Download: Austin Eterno - Easier Said Than Done (Yeasayer vs Ratatat)

      Stereo Hands
Download: The White Panda - Stereo Hands (Edwards Maya vs Waka Flaka)

Download: B.I.G. & 2Pac vs The White Stripes - Cash Run (Adrian Champion Remix)

Download: The Reborn Identity - American Days Are Over [Florence + The Machine vs. Don McLean]

      Adele vs. Jay-Z vs. Biggie - Rolling In The Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)
Download: Voodoo Farm - Adele vs. Jay-Z vs. Biggie - Rolling In The Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)

Download: MashMaticians - Show Me How Low (Ludacris vs Laidback Luke vs Steve Angello)

      Super Disco Lights TSP Justice Edit
Download: Beastie Boys vs. Kanye West ft. Dwele - Super Disco Lights (TSP Justice Edit)

      Feliz Hustlin
Download: The White Panda - Feliz Hustlin'

      LehtMoJoe - Christmas Swag (Paul McCartney vs Soulja Boy)
Download: LehtMoJoe - Christmas Swag (Paul McCartney vs Soulja Boy)

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10 years ago

INCREDIBLY annoyed that MashMaticians has that fucking Albert chipmunk loop in the mashup.....ruined a perfectly good song.

10 years ago

Shucks, Teach Me How To Doogie Howser didnt make the cut! http://bit.ly/eyeKK6

Charles David
10 years ago


10 years ago

below average. the good songs out of this i already have them (old news) and the rest are pretty crappy in comparison to previous monday mashup posts.

DJ Invisiboy
10 years ago

Nice Round up the Adrian Champion mix is excellent! Keep up the good work!

10 years ago


Did these songs just get put up this Monday, the 20th?

Got most these songs already from a few weeks back?