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Double Dip - 15 - Favs ATM

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It doesn't matter if you're French Vanilla or a Deathcore Party Shank Freak you want to Double Dip we can tell.

Today's Double Dip is bringing you the freshest of the fresh, the songs that I can't seem to purge from my dome piece:

One dirty track from Ed Banger remixed by TROWA and one from the new king of brostep Sonny Moore (Skrillex) enjoi you honky town slats.

Download: Cassius - I Love U So (TROWA Remix)

      SKRILLEX - Slats slats slats
Download: Skrillex - SKRILLEX - Slats slats slats

Oh and here's the tasty vid to accompanying the original track from Cassius

Dubstep · Electro · Feature


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