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Excepter – "When You Call" [VIDEO]

Excepter shows us what a post-apocalyptic town run by trippy DJ's might look like in their newest video for the track "When You Call". The track is a dubbed out and slowed-tempo nightmare and the video feels like a Marilyn Manson video that was mocking the "Book of Eli". But regardless of the comparison; the song is amazingly intriguing and will have you wondering the directors intentions as you wander from scene to scene. It is very psychedelic and experimental. Excepter is a five person group from Brooklyn and they are the characters that you see in video. Also, they are expected to release their newest cassette, Maze of Death, tomorrow on Black Friday. Check out the video below.

We've all had parts of a night feel like the video above. When you've mixed too many pills and drinks.

Experimental · Psychedelic


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