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Double Dip - 11 - Beach Fossils

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It doesn't matter if you're French Vanilla or a Deathcore Party Shank Freak you want to Double Dip we can tell.

Good evening, this Double Dip is brought to you by one of Brooklyn's finest, Beach Fossils. Beach Fossils is a lo-fi beach fuzz band consisting of members Dustin Payseur and John Pena. I've been listening to these guys all summer long and they were definitely a crucial part of my summer survival (drinkfest) kitt, hope you guys enjoy and you'll be seeing more beach buzz soon, diggg it!

Songs are off the Beach Fossils self titled album as well as the Daydream single:

      01 Sometimes
Download: Beach Fossils - Sometimes

      01 Desert Sand
Download: Beach Fossils - Daydream


Chillwave · Dreampop · Feature · Psychedelic


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