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Double Dip - 4 - El Michaels Affair

It doesn't matter if you're French Vanilla or a Deathcore Party Shank Freak you want to Double Dip we can tell.

Every day the king of (s)cream and the hard rock candy that pops on the top of your cone Mr. Mike Kniazeff will bring you a double dose of whatever is tantalizing his taste buds. Be prepared for a dynamic duo of Beach Running Tapedeck Doowaps or the final 2 coffin nails in your after hours assault. Divorced as many times as married Kniazeff has 2 scoops of danger and despair in every box of Double Dip sunshine.

Today's Double Dip is putting a spin on the classics and what's more classic then Entering the 37 Chambers? El Michaels Affair throws a dirty funk/soul twist on all our favorites including C.R.E.A.M, Duel of the Iron Mic and Protect ya neck, if this is sounding like a cheese fest of great proportion it isn't. Have a listen and see for yourself:

Download: El Michels Affair - Duel of the Iron Mics

Download: El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M.


Experimental · Funk · Soul


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