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Mashup Mondays - Week 16

Mashup Mondays

Mashup MondaysMashup Monday - We're going to melt you faces off with enough mashed up music to make you wanna slap yo' mama. We will be bringing you the dopest dope in the mashup world. We've been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. We've found mashups from DJ's far and wide. We've found down-tempo ones. We've found super fast and beaty ones. Short ones and long ones. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. We think we've done our part. Let's get s-mashed.

Now if your mashup is lucky enough to be featured on Earmilk, and we don't list your name (sometimes we can't find it!) then shoot us an email or comment below and we can add it. Also, keep in mind we want all of you to send us everything you got. We're gonna be doing this here thang weekly, so send em' on. Just make sure to give us your info so you get your well deserved credit.

Leading this weeks Mashup Monday is The White Panda but i'm sure you expected that. Panda reigns king of the mashup world and this week clocks in with three mashups. We also have a pretty dancey selection of tracks this week that will have you hitting the dance floor even though its just the beginning of the week. We also have a banger of a dubstep mashup with the Rusko vs Tupac track. But let's go ahead and start Mashup Monday with the Far East Movement vs Kanye West mix done by Dosvec. Enjoy.

Download: Dosvec - Power A G6 [far East Movement Vs Kanye West]

      Escape Day N Nite (Kid Cudi __ Tiesto)
Download: The White Panda - Escape Day 'n' Nite [kid Cudi Vs Tiesto]

      Only U V Shit Hits The Fan
Download: Eminem - Only U vs Shit Hits The Fan

Download: DJ Morgoth - We Go Kryptonite [Gentleman vs. 3 Doors Down]

      DJ Bucket-Hold On Im Still Ballin (version)
Download: Dj Bucket - Hold On, I'm Still Ballin (Rusko Vs. Tupac)

      Digital september - (WeLT Mashup)
Download: Welt - Digital September [daft Punk Vs Earth Wind And Fire]

      Andre Pipipi - Roadhouse (Duck Sauce vs Family Guy)
Download: Andre Pipipi - Roadhouse [duck Sauce Vs Family Guy]

      What We Kick Push (Lupe Fiasco vs Deniz Koyu)
Download: The White Panda - What We Kick, Push [lupe Fiasco Vs Deniz Koyu]

      Voodoo People - The Prodigy (Pendulum vs DiiSTORTiiON mix)
Download: Diistortiion - [prodigy Vs Pendulum]

      Parisian Gurls (Aeroplane Vs. Katy Perry)
Download: Planisfears - Parisian Gurls [aeroplane Vs Katy Perry]

Download: Marc Johnce - Staying On The Edge [james Blunt Vs. Aerosmith]

Download: The Xx Vs Dmx Vs Sander Van Doorn - Intro (Tuna Mashup)

      Hey vs. Give it all you got - Mashup (Dj Ziff)
Download: DJ Ziff - Hey Vs. Give It All You Got - Mashup

Download: The White Panda - Fireflies Goin Down [yung Joc Vs Owl City]

Download: Dj Tripp - Dynamite Pressure [queen & David Bowie Vs. Taio Cruz]

      2PAC vs. Crash Test Dummies - -Tell Me MMMM- (Mixed by Chadwick)
Download: 2Pac vs. Crash Test Dummies - Tell me MMMMM

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10 years ago

what happened to the good mashup monday posts? gone are the days of any quality on this blog. this is another post letting down an old fan... maybe i'll give it one more shot....doubtful

10 years ago

Fireflies Goin Down [yung Joc Vs Owl City] is very clever and well done. that ashanti beat is hard.

10 years ago

Diistortiion is good but at least for me it just cuts out at the end... (file error?)

White Panda's What We Kick, Push isn't bad but then again it's hard to go wrong with Lupe Fiasco's smooth flow in there.

Fireflies Going Down, on the other hand is (I agree) clever and impressively blended, although it feels the teensiest bit forced because Yong Joc's rhymes are too hard for the fairy-like melody. Only at the 2:30 mark, when that rock bar is put in do you really start to hear the potential that this track did not fully realize.

My favorite is definitely DJ Tripp's Dynamite Pressure. David Bowie and Queen are beautifully blended and Taio Cruz's lyrics work surprisingly well in classic rock track.

I'm still waiting for someone to do a serious BANGER of Far East Movement's Like a G6. Nothing but disappointment in that department so far. That bassline is too hot not to throw down some dastardly dubstep or some filthy electro. Still waiting...

10 years ago
Reply to  Amphibologist

Here is a cool mashup of Like a G6 vs Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza (Static Revenger Dub Remix)

10 years ago

Big Sean - Too Fake Ft. Chiddy Bang (Prod. By Xaphoon Jones) lol not a mashup.. +1 sad

10 years ago

Great selection this week...

Too bad I didnt submit Charle Brown (SniquePeek Remix)

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/aMW29u

10 years ago

what the hell has happened to mashup mondays? it been ages, wk 17 helllo!?

10 years ago

Mashup mondays... come back! I miss you soooooo much!

10 years ago

I check Mashup Mondays about 4x a week in the hope it's been updated. Please come back, pretty please.

10 years ago

so we're not really allowed to download these it just take plays the song for you?

10 years ago

mashup monday hasn't been updated in months!!!!!! more please ! =[