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2Pac vs. Crash Test Dummies - "Tell Me MMMM" (Mashup by Chadwick)

Ran across a very interesting Mashup today on reddit.com. DJ Chadwick has somehow figured out a way to mix 2Pac with Crash Test Dummies to create perfect fusion that no one could of foreseen. The mix is of 2Pac's "How Do You Want It" and CTD's "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm". I've included the MMMM video just to refresh your memories. Check out the folk-hop mashup below.

      2PAC vs. Crash Test Dummies - -Tell Me MMMM- (Mixed by Chadwick)
Download: 2Pac vs. Crash Test Dummies - Tell me MMMMM

Folk · Mash Up · Rap


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