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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve [Beck]

This is your Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve. We will try to bring you one "chill" track every day. This is for when you get home and you are trying to unwind. You reach for that glass of wine or that unlit Black & Mild or maybe you reach for something more herbal. This track is for those times. We will try to bring you at least one a day. We are just your milkmen and I'm here to make a delivery. Chill.....

Today's delivery is brought to you by Beck. I can't remember the last time that we've had any Beck music posted up so its about time. Before you listen to today's track; you must know that you have to go in with a fairly happy disposition because otherwise this track may depress you. So, depending on your mood; this track could be a total bummer but even then it's a chill bummer. The track I'm bringing to you today is called "Steal My Body Home" which was featured way back in 1994 on his award winning Mellow Gold album. The track has quite a bit of trancey middle eastern influence and that's what makes it such a chill track. Check out the track and chill....

      09 - Steal My Body Home
Download: Beck - Steal My Body Home

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