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Wet Wings & Jon Lemmon [Remix My Track!]

I'm a huge fan of the semi recent casette culture like what you might hear from Toro Y Moi. Wet Wings (pictured above) are a folk/electronic duo from earthquake-stricken Christchurch, New Zealand. Also, they have a cassette coming out October 12. Then you have Jon Lemmon who is a musician that hails from California originally but went to New Zealand as well to release his recent EP entitled Kindling(free for download). So, Wet Wings and Jon Lemmon decided to remix a track from each other and these two tracks are the result. Both tracks have a very "dreamy" feel and put you in a very specific mood but the music is good regardless. Check out both tracks below.

      Jon Lemmon - steppenwolf pg. 247 (Wet Wings remix)
Download: Jon Lemmon - steppenwolf, pg. 247 (Wet Wings remix)

      Wet Wings - Whisper Always (Jon Lemmon remix)
Download: Wet Wings - Whisper Always (Jon Lemmon remix)

Dreamwave · Folk


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