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Gorillaz - "Doncamatic (All Played Out)" feat. Daley

Here's the brand spanking new single from Gorillaz called "Doncamatic (All Played Out)" which features the vocals of UK artist Daley. The track gets its name from the Japanese-made drum machine called "Donca Matic". This track will be made an official single on November 22nd. Any new Gorillaz material is going to get you excited regardless. Check it out below.

Frontman Damon Albarn, on the phone from Boston, said the track started with a simple riff. After playing it repeatedly, Albarn was inspired to turn it into a full song that he described as "fresh, not too minor and pop." The single comes out on Nov. 22.

The Donca Matic

      Gorillaz - Doncamatic (All Played Out) feat. Daley
Download: Gorillaz - Doncamatic (All Played Out) feat. Daley



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