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Metric - Satellite Mind (Nightbreaker Remix)


NightbreakerNightbreaker is an act that I didn't really know much about until recently (and to be honest, I still dont - exposure is pretty nill on this guy).

I gave this Londoner some major play in a Suicide Sundae a couple of weeks ago (check related posts below) and he's back with a pretty solid Metric remix. Not mind blowing death march stuff but not everything can be - we need some tracks to get everyone warmed up and this is just that.


be sure checkout his latest on Archibell Records entitled "Tomak EP" avail on juno.

Metric - Satellite Mind (Nightbreaker Remix) by NIGHTBREAKER

bonus (remixing his labelmate Teenage Bad Girl)

Teenage Bad Girl - Ton Ton Funk (Nightbreaker Remix) by NIGHTBREAKER



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