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Earmilk is Too Drunk to Fuck [Hosting Down] Update: Sept 21 – 4:30pmEST

Update: Sept 21 – 11AM EDT

So – I'm sure many of you have noticed that our hosting is down. You will not be able to stream or download anything until this is resolved. I wish our host had given us some warning so we could have made some arrangements before this happened but c'est la vie – and now we need to play their game. They have locked us out of our files (as of this post) so we cannot make a mirror or get our files online in anyway.

That being said, they have been pretty good with working with us and I think we should have (private) access to our files soon allowing us to get some of the more important / latest files back online. We've had dozens of emails and the comments are continuing to pile up – It's great to know you care but lets try keep the banter isolated to this post from now on – so when we're back up and running we can forget this ever happened!

I'll continue to update this post with updates – please bare with us and in the meantime go to our hypem page to listen to the tracks – http://hypem.com/list/11067 – I wish I had a better solution

Update: Sept 12 – 4:30 PM EST

So we've finally been given access to our files and we're making a back-up – Earmilk will live on. We're addressing the massive impact you guys have on the servers and maybe some possible ways of managing that. We should have full stream support up again soon but in the meantime you'll have to hold tight for a little longer.

Update: Sept 12 – 6:30 PM EST

Keeping everyone up to date we've successfully downloaded the files and we've setup a new streaming server – give me a few to jimmy rig the technical side and we should be off to the audio races again.



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  • Too bad Montrey, good luck and get that shit back up here soon, I need my daily 2%

    DP September 21, 2010 12:39 PM Reply
  • Shit day to be down.
    Fly Lo album out
    24hr Karate School finally out

    Good day in Muzak!
    Good luck getting it all back up and running!

    ian mitchell September 21, 2010 6:00 PM Reply

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