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Sanjo - "Intro" (The xx vs. Steel Pulse)

Sanjo noticed that we appreciate Steel Pulse and has sent in a mashup he has done. The mashup takes the track "Intro" by The XX and mixes it up with "Blazing Fire" by Steel Pulse. This track is almost chill enough to be a Daily 2% but really it deserves a little post of its own. Make Party doesn't "over-do" it in this mashup and that's makes it so great. It sounds like the song is just suppose to be made this way and that's how I like my mashups. Now, this track wont satisfy your thirst or make up for the lack of Mashup Monday but its a good mashup nonetheless. Check it out below.

Intro (The xx vs. Steel Pulse) by Make Party

Original Tracks Used:

      01 Intro
Download: The xx - Intro

      02-Blazing Fire
Download: Steel Pulse - Blazing Fire


Mash Up · Reggae · Synth Pop


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10 years ago

Great stuff On winning the Mercury The xx have a look at this bands new way of marketing themsleves and have a laugh!