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Exclusive(ish)! BUSY P & NEUS Remix [BlogPremiere]

Thats right NEUS and myself just had a litte sit down - a long overdue one I might add. With his latest release (and first on) on Ed Banger Records finally upon us (Sept 1st I think? heh) - he talked about his North American tour plans and teased me on details of the forthcoming ep.

And then... Out of nowhere... He just hit me up and asked if I'd be so kind to run the semi-exclusive blog premiere of his remix with Busy P (whaaa the ffuuu--ckkk) of "Homeless" - the Style of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben track ! (my goodness)

So now you need to make me a liar and make this release not exclusive to Earmilk and go to beatport and buy the track for yourself - tell me you can't hear it in the mix already!

p.s. Listen to this song 3 times consecutively to really get the full effect of the different movements of this song, synths to prog techno love - it gets addictive.

      Homeless (Busy P and NEUS Remix)
Beatport: Style of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben - Homless (BUSY P & NEUS Remix)



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