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Micro Prophet - Thunderbird (Barletta Goes House Remix)

Micro Prophet are the Ottawa'ian duo who are itching to release the Thunderbird EP, of which we've gotten some samples.

First up to bat we have the busy Barletta going house on the track. This house take on the track is solid of a set-maker as your going to find. It's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing.

After Barletta we've heard of some other artists filling the batting order. We'll find ourselves with a Bass Machines remix and then something from our Toronto hereos TapeDeckBros - but its all hush hush ;)

enjoy, and if you want the full story checkout our original coverage

      Thunderbird (Barletta Goes House Remix)
Download: Micro Prophet - Thunderbird (Barletta Goes House Remix)

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