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Hercules & Love Affair


If you are a fan of music then you should have heard of Hercules & Love Affair back in 2008/2009, with their soulful/disco/dancey/sexyness they have earned the title of Best New Albums (Pitch Fork's 2008 edition) for one my personal favorite wall mounted self titled albums Hercules and Love Affair. If you are saying to yourself I've never heard of this album then you should stop reading and commence flogging that pale soft skin.

So, with much kudos going off to HLA it was my surprise to have received an email from the gorgeous Jodie Ingram soul Digital Media guru for the band. She wanted us to check out the show, which I was well aware of at the Modclub in Toronto. HLA has recently re-worked the band and added Venezuelan singers Aerea Negrot and Shaun Wright, while keeping the lovely Kim Ann Foxman on Vocals. I was a bit hesitant on what the new sound would be like butttt, it works! My head nearly screwed right off in the smoking/patio area when I heard the vocals on Athene. After much face grabbing and pushing of frailer women and children I got right up to the stage (Which is apparently very important to me) and swayed my heart out, with both feet placed firmly on the ground, how vogue!

All in all I had a splendid time at the show and if you'd like to check em out live (highly recommended visual representation below) here are the tour dates:

10-03 Iceland Airwaves 2010, Reykjavík, Iceland
10-15 Debut, London UK
11-03 The Warehouse Project, Mancehster UK

Lastly with a new release entitled "blue songs" coming out in the near future I will be able to get my fix of new Hercules and Love Affair very soon, for now I'll be chewing my arms off out of shear mad jonesing.

      04 Athene
Download: Hercules and Love Affair - Athene

Download: Hercules and Love Affair - Blind

Download: Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules Theme

Concert · Experimental · Synth Pop


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