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DVAS - Society [Album Review + 18 Tracks]

DVAS started as two guys from Edmonton - Jered Stuffco and Darren Veres.

Not having a coast of their own, they moved to the thriving Metropolis' of Toronto & Montreal where they've ironically had their sound really take hold locally and abroad - satisfying french and Quebecois disco dance pop hipster fans alike.

Their early work found itself having a strong club edge with long building tracks that would fit very well into any prog-house set. Moving out of the basement and into after-parties and back alley dance floors this duo hinges on everything that we like about sex and music (and thus whiskey) - so it comes as no surprise they have titled their debut full-length "Society".

This time, It's Disco.

Opening with the title track, you are presented with no less then sex tightly wrapped around a round kick drum. Perfectly orchestrated synth hits allows Stuffco's voice to come into view without you realizing, and leave you wanting as it fades.

      Consenting Adults
Enjoy: Dvas - Consenting Adults

Download: Dvas - Questions

This album brings to mind other standout dance classics from greats like Mylo (See 2:30 in Consenting Adults and you'll hear their homage within), Sebastien Tellier, and more currently the sounds of Breakbot and of course the latest from GRUM. Not afraid to embrace its own sound, Society builds into a full disco house fever in Questions - Its got feet going in tiny little two steps as I sit and write this.

When you listen to this record you think a combination of a few things - I want to dance to this, or I want to remix this, I want to make sweet love to this, and hopefully - I want to buy this.

Support Local - Support DVAS - Support Disco.

SOCIETY is in stores across Canada, and in digital stores iTunes, Zunior and right here in the UC Boutique!

DVAS - SocietyDVAS - Society Tracklist

01 Society
02 Ambient Room
03 Consenting Adults
04 Inner Sanctum
05 Fantasy
06 Watching You
07 Questions
08 Telegraph
09 Back 2 Basix
10 Giving It All Away
11 Passionate Persuasion

DVAS - SOCIETY (Album Version) by Upper Class Recordings

by Upper Class Recordings

Jeremy Glenn - Mysterious Lover (DVAS Salon Mix)
by 2+2 Management

      Ambient Room (SymbolOne Remix)
Download: DVAS - Ambient Room (SymbolOne Remix)

      Giving It All Away
Download: Dvas - Giving It All Away

Download: DVAS - Bromance

      Forever (Justin Faust Remix)
Download: DVAS - Forever (Justin Faust Remix)

      M4 Part I (DVAS Macho Mix)
Download: Faunts - M4 Part I (DVAS Macho Mix)

      Baby (CJ Milli Mix)
Download: Justin Bieber x DVAS - Baby (CJ Milli Mix)

      Urgent (Foreigner cover) (BL Rewind 2)
Download: DVAS - Urgent (Foreigner cover) (BL Rewind 2)

      Eternity (Beyond Forever)
Download: DVAS - Eternity (Beyond Forever)

      Le Tino (Xxxtended Edit)
Download: DVAS - Le Tino (Xxxtended Edit)

      Relief (I Cant Get No)
Download: DVAS - Relief (I Can't Get No)

      The Energy Story ft. Minitel Rose (DVAS Remix)
Download: College - The Energy Story ft. Minitel Rose (DVAS Remix)

      Youre Amazing
Download: DVAS - Youre Amazing

      Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)
Download: Skinnista & Gadget - Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)

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10 years ago

Doesn't "Questions" sound a lot like Calvin Harris's "Flashback"? I agree it's a great tune, but sounds like it a lot.

10 years ago

These guys remember me of Chromeo . That was my first impression while I was listening to some of the songs :)

10 years ago

Just like FB, this reminded me of Chromeo. Mix Chromeo with Daft Punk and Calvin Harris and you get.. this!

10 years ago

wtf happen to the track inner sanctum??? they lower the volume of the fucking amazing chord, cowbell and changed the kick!