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Teengirl Fantasy - CD-R

TeengirlsTeengirl Fantasy is a dreamy synth rocking, angel smashing, blood sucking duo by the names of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss and guess what? I was one of the lucky ones getting my brains sucked out of my nose and having my entire face melt off when I saw them at Kapisanan Phillippine Centre in Kensington Market hosted by Primary Colors in late May.

Hopefully you too can experience this feeling of nostalgia if you are within the range of any of their current tour spots, which will even include a Republic of Korea stop: Click! and trust me with paper space in the NY Times the hype is well deserved.

Oh and on a final note they're still rocking the AngelFire domain, HA!

All tracks off CD-R release:

      06 Portofino
Download: Teengirl Fantasy - Portofino

      03 Azz Klapz
Download: Teengirl Fantasy - Azz Klapz

      10 Sandpillz
Download: Teengirl Fantasy - Sandpillz

Dreampop · Dub · Experimental


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