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Mashup Monday - Week 9

Mashup Monday - We're going to melt you faces off with enough mashed up music to make you wanna slap yo' mama.  itstk will be bringing you the dopest dope in the mashup world. We've been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. We've found mashups from DJ's far and wide. We've found down-tempo ones. We've found super fast and beaty ones. Short ones and long ones. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. We think we've done our part. Let's get s-mashed.

Now if your mashup is lucky enough to be featured on Earmilk, and we don't list your name (sometimes we can't find it!) then shoot us an email or comment below and we can add it. Also, keep in mind we want all of you to send us everything you got. We're gonna be doing this here thang weekly, so send em' on. Just make sure to give us your info so you get your well deserved credit.

Summer, oh summer, oh sweet sweet summer. Back like cooked crack.. short and sweet. We're gonna be bringing you #MM on a more weekly basis if you guys continue to showing the love my needy ass desires. It's time to play catch-up now.. we have a ton of  tracks from the heavy hitters mixed with some familiar faces and of course the every so increasing amount of newbies to the scene. We also have a lot of exciting things on the horizon with the release of earmilk v2.0 which will feature tons of new features and experiences. And of course if you want your mash featured on #MM.. there's 2 ways to go about it; either drop it in our soundcloud or @me on twitter.. all other methods will be ignored, so clean up your act.

Download: A plus D - Close To Konichiwa Bitches (Robyn vs. The Cure)

Download: Theophilus London vs. Vampire Weekend - Give It Up Dad

Download: [p33]r0y - You've Got The Drugs (Florence + The Machine vs. Ratatat)

Download: The Hood Internet - Trey-dio Departmentz (Trey Songz vs The Radio Dept.)

Download: The Hood Internet - Freak Exhibit (Jay Electronica vs Toro Y Moi)

Download: Radioface - Sufjan Stevens vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps To Chicago

Download: CJ Milli - Heartbreaker Baby (Justin Bieber vs. MSTRKRFT)

      Praise Outkast
Download: The White Panda - Praise Outkast

      The Next Starf_cker
Download: The White Panda - The Next Starf*cker

Download: lobsterdust - Two Stop (Journey VS Grizzly Bear VS Fred Falke)

Download: Drake & Coldplay - The Fly Scientist ft. Page & Silver Medallion

Download: Notorious B.I.G vs. Aloe Blacc - Juicy Dollars (DJ Dizzy Mashup)

Download: The Hood Internet - Show Me The ONE (Yeasayer x Jump Jump Dance Dance x Grum)

Download: dj BC - Don't Worry Be Perfect (Bobby McFerrin VS CL Smooth & Skyzoo)

Download: Ratatat vs. Lupe Fiasco - Pushin' Drugs (SposhRock Mash-Up)

Download: TGIK - Nas Vs. Aerosmith Sweet Life Bitch

Download: DJZJ - Rounder Than Me (Mike Posner vs. Flo Rida)

Download: MGMT vs Notorious BIG vs Justice - Nasty Feel (ddpesh Rework)

Download: The White Panda - A Cholo You Know

Download: Dead Prez vs Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Hip-Hop (Dave Wrangler Remix)

Download: Dave Wrangler - Lindsey Brohan, I Wanna Get Witcha (Notorious B.I.G. vs Javelin)

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11 years ago

The Drake track is good and "Show me the One" has a nice 80s vibe to it.

Earmilk is the shit lol

Charles David
11 years ago

got some good shit here

11 years ago

also got some complete filler, sounds like some of this stuff is made for the sake of it. ex you've got the drugs...terrible

Ben Creps
11 years ago
Reply to  chad

yeah and the drake song on the hype charts proves that people are idiots... I usually love earmilk's shiz, but c'mon... good coldplay mashups don't exist and drake sucks a fart

11 years ago
Reply to  Ben Creps

I can sort of understand what you are saying because i think Drake will be a fad and wont have longevity but I can't just COMPLETELY deny his skills. He has his own little style(that will also get annoying in a year or so) but compared to other rap artists he's pretty good for now. Plus he's got a few things going for him like being super easy to "get" and listen to. The drake one is a good mix.

John Parks
John Parks
11 years ago

Great sound guys- my band and I just auditioned to be on a soundtrack for a new movie coming out. Check out our tunes (google imadeamovie) thanks for the support

11 years ago

"you've got the drugs" sucks and "you've got too love" by florence and the machine the xx is one of my all time favorite songs..

11 years ago

The Drake one sounds great, and Drake is definitely not a fart. Thank Me Later = raw.

11 years ago

Check out some similar original mashups at The Real Music Movement.


11 years ago

supir star firneds read out loud. cut out a star and frame for each frined playing eachpoerson draws theis picture in the star then, everyone passes theis frame to the right. the person who receives the frame writes a fer reasons why they think th e picture isa ssuper star frined then passback to your frined.

11 years ago

how do i download this shit