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KJ Hines - Before My Time Vol. 2 Mixtape

We are a little bit behind on this mixtape release considering we are big fans of KJ Hines. The release is called "Before My Time Vol. 2" which is packed with dope tracks including the youtube sensation "Hi, Hello". The last time we talked about KJ on this site we had a huge influx of KJ fans come to the site and to express how good this guy really is. I can't disagree and I consider myself a fan as well and I'm sure you'll be a fan too once you hear his flow. Check out the new mixtape and a few tracks below.

      19 nemisis (produced by Dj Rockwell)
Download: Kj Hines - Nemisis (prod. by Dj Rockwell)

      09 fear
Download: KJ Hines - Fear

      03 Kj Hines - Hello
Download: Kj Hines - Hi, Hello

Download: KJ Hines - Before My Time Vol. 2 Mixtape



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