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Miike Snow - Silvia (Robotberget Remix)

So you may or may not realize by now I love Miike Snow - I did a nice write-up on this Sweedish producer duo gone band trio earlier this year for their collab with Crookers.

Yesterday I stumbled across the not so new Robotberget remix of Silvia and I love the outcome. Silvia is one of the best songs on the on their debut self-titled album, which in this humble bloggers opinion was one of the best debut albums of its year.

Robotberget seems to be pretty unknown. I can't find him/her/them on any of the major music sites - any clues anyone? p.s. enjoy the light dance classic by Sinden as well :)

      Silvia (Robotberget Remix)
Download: Miike Snow - Silvia (Robotberget Remix)

      Silvia (Sinden Remix)
Download: Miike Snow - Silvia (Sinden Remix)

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