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Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

I am stoked that it's May Day. This means a bunch of different things to me. It's my birthday month, but way more importantly than that, is the amount of great albums coming out this month. Flying Louts, Broken Social Scene, Minus The Bear,  The New Pornographers , and our indie taste of the day Band of Horses with their album "Infinite Arms". Even Herbie Hanckock has an album coming out. My milk carton overflow-eth!

Band of Horses have relocated to Bridwell's native South Carolina, minus Rob Hampton who has left the band, so the current line-up is Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett (drums), Ryan Monroe (keyboards, guitar and vocals), Bill Reynolds (bass) and Tyler Ramsey (guitar and vocals), who also provides opening performances on tour. I'm excited to see how the new album turns out, but I know it's definitely going in a good direction. These tracks released are great. They don't seem as drafty like some of their other albums. I do have to say, about anything with Tyler Ramsey's voice over it would sound pretty good. I never can get over how haunting it is. These are 3 tracks from Infinite Arms, two for download, one video. Enjoy.

      01 Factory
Download: Band of Horses - Factory

Download: Band of Horses - Laredo

Band of Horses - Compliments

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11 years ago

Can't wait fo the new Band of Horses album to come out on the 18th. Check out the sweet EPK http://t.opsp.in/G7GG