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Woodhands - Remixacapde - Free Remix Album ft. Mathemagic, Diamond Rings

Woodhands is Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt (although I swore I remember a girl in there as well)

This impulsively sweaty and Toronto (by way of Montreal) based synth rock electro pop screamtronic band are a pretty big deal here in city and across Canada. If you've been to a NXNE in the last couple years I'm sure you caught some or all of one of their sets - or maybe just a heat wave rushing away from a throng of people inside an innocuous club or bar.

January this year they released their full-length Remorscapade on the Toronto based and world renown Paper Bag Records - and now (well yesterday) we saw the release of Remixcapade - a remix collection of Paper Bag and Canadian friends including The D'Urbervilles's John O'Regan in his solo project Diamond Rings.

Also gracing the back cover are French Husband, my new favourite chillwave act Mathemagic, and more.

Download the full album for free and listen to my choice tracks below.

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      Remixcapade - CP24 (Teen Mix)
Download: Woodhands - CP24 (Teen Mix)

      Remixcapade - Dissembler (Mathemagic Mix)
Download: Woodhands - Dissembler (Mathemagic Mix)

      Remixcapade - Pockets (Diamond Rings Mix)
Download: Woodhands - Pockets (Diamond Rings Mix)

Remixcapade Tracklisting

  1. Pockets (Diamond Rings Mix)
  2. Dissembler (Mathemagic Mix)
  3. Dissembler (French Husband Mix)
  4. CP24 (Teen Mix)
  5. Pockets (JG's Stay Real Dub)
  6. Dissembler (Dan's Piano Version)



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11 years ago

that TEEN remix is amazing!!

11 years ago