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800BELOVED - Everything Purple

I recently stumbled across this little purple indie gem. 800BELOVED is definitely got some of that whole 80's synth post-punk vibe to it, but it also is very mature sounding. When I hear this song, I think of someone listens to a lot of post rock, drinks a lot of coffee, and spends endless time doing very intellectually stimulating puzzles. Maybe that just me. It was written by Sean Lynch, the voice behind the moniker, along side Anastasiya Metesheva, and Scott Masson. They are very new members to the Moodgadget family, and I know everyone there is psyched to have them. Lynch has a very recognizable voice, which is not quite the same on this new song. I've listed two tracks from different releases so you can get a feel for what I'm saying here. This song is much more "choral" like. Oh, and it's unmixed. And still sounds this good. Enjoy.

Download: 800beloved - Colours

      01 Everything Purple
Download: 800beloved - Everything Purple

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