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Record Club: INXS - "Need You Tonight"

Beck returns with his Record Club, this time bringing his wonderfully talented friends St. Vincent, Liars and Os Mutantes to cover pop rock classics from Australian group INXS from their 1987 album Kick. As if "Need You Tonight" wasn't already funky enough, when these guys and gals get their hands on it....well, I'll just let you see for yourself.*More after the jump*

Record Club - INXS's "Need You Tonight"

Record Club - INXS's "Guns In The Sky"

Record Club - INXS's "New Sensation

Record Club - INXS's "Devil Inside"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkLL7JdnIk0INXS - Need You Tonight [Official Music Video]

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