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Akello Light & Coincidence - Breathing Room [Mixtape]

As promised, the L.A. hip-hop combo, Akello Light and Coincidence, drop their Breathing Room EP just in time for the warm weather. Breathing Room is good for a number of reasons. A perfect album to reminisce to with its nostalgic feel, while also dynamic with its lo-fi, jazz infused obscure production. Light, an obvious student of the hip-hop culture, flexes what he's learned from his avant-garde hip-hop predecessors like The Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship, albeit displaying his own unique sound. As always, Coincidence Uno drops knowledge. He's like that old guy you run into at a bus station or playing chess in the park that doesn't say much, but when he does it brings you to some profound realization, and then just goes on about his business. All in all, the EP is a great mixtape made for those sunny Saturday afternoon's. You may be blowing a little tree or winding down taking a cruise by the beach. Just make sure this is bumping in the whip.*Download after the jump*

Download: Akello & Coincidence - LA Memory (Sunny, CA)

Download: Akello & Coincidence - Talking, Talking

Download: "Breathing Room"


1. Strange
2. Midnight Charm
3. Directions
4. Beer Goggles
5. Perspective
6. All & Every Break
7. Numb Tuesday
8. L.A. Memory (Sunny, CA)
9. Extra Serious
10. Talking, Talking
11. Evils

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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11 years ago

ilike the sounnnddd!