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Flying Lotus - "Computer Face//Pure Being" + "Satelllliiiiiteee"


The Warp artist returns with some leaked tracks from his upcoming album entitled Cosmogramma, and from the sounds of them, it looks like we're in store for another classic from the Bass thumping, glitch layering afficianado. But did anyone have their doubts after bangers like 1983 and Los Angeles... I mean really? These tracks are so nice I, personally, had to play them thrice - each. Supposedly there are two more leaks out there somewhere, but I cant seem to find them, maybe you can help me with that. You can pre-order the album through Bleep.com. According to Flylo's twitter, the first set of limited edition vinyl's will include mp3's, and he's working on including posters and rolling papers. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, all I know is that today is payday and i'll be ordering mine. More after the jump...

Flying Lotus - Computer Face//Pure Being

Lol @ Flylo looking all Isaac Hayesy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVPsv9G_1yE&feature=relatedFlying Lotus - Satelllliiiiiteee

Keep Listening.

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