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Sade "Soldier of Love" [Brand New Single]

First off let me say i'm kicking my own ass for being a few days late on this song. I talk about Sade to friends on the daily but somehow when she finally comes out with something after about 10 years; i'm a bit behind. Nevertheless, Sade has released a new single from her upcoming album that will be released worldwide on February 8th, 2010. The album will be entitled Soldier of Love and the single shares the same name. The single has that original Sade sound mixed with more modern instrumentals and a heavier beat. Sade's voice is a bit deeper and more sultry in this song; mixed with a rebel music vibe this song makes for a perfect comeback single. Check out the song below and when the album drops PLEASE spend actual $ on it. This is freaking SADE we are talking about here people. Enjoy and add this to your bedroom mix....

      01 Soldier Of Love
Sade - Soldier Of Love

Downtempo · Experimental · Pop · Soft Rock · Soul


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