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Flying Lotus & Lil Wayne

I'm a huge fan of Flying Lotus and I got introduced to him by listening to the songs played between the shows on Adult Swim. Ever since then I've loved everything he's touched and my favorite album of his is 1983. If you are a fan of experimental electronica that has good bass beats then you will definitely be a fan. With that being said..check out his latest release. Flying Lotus has just released two Lil Wayne tracks that he has remixed and offered free for download. The first track is  "I Feel Like Dying" which has a great grungy bass beat that definitely gets you hype. The second track is "Robo Tussin" which sounds more like a usual Flying Lotus track. Even if you aren't a fan of Lil Wayne check out the tracks because you will love 'em.

      Flying Lotus - I feel like dying
Download: Flying Lotus - I Feel Like Dying Ft. Lil Wayne

      Robo Tussin
Download: Flying Lotus - Robo Tussin Ft. Lil Wayne

Download: Both tracks including the instrumentals

Electronica · Experimental · Rap


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